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I love enjoying amazing sunsets and new surroundings that I explore with my clients on a shoot. I love getting lost in lighting with the beauty nature gives us each day.
I love the fun I witness people having at a wedding reception, branding businesses with a new image, the way a mother looks at her newborn, my family and friends, the fact that you're interested in my work, and most of all my clients’ stories!
If you want to know more, please call or email me, I would love to hear from you!

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About My Work

I strive to tell your story through photography. My work is natural, nothing is staged, not even the lighting (unless, it's needed). It is just you, your story, and the location in which you choose to tell it.
I captured weddings for over a decade, but with kids of my own now, you can't pay me enough to miss the look on my son's face when he's batting at his T-Ball games.

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How I Work

For me, professionalism is as much an attitude as it is a final product; from your first email and phone call to your final follow-up, I am dedicated to top-notch service and complete satisfaction. Along with my professional side, you'll enjoy my goofy and fun side. I have no shame when it comes to getting your little ones to giggle or to make you laugh out loud. I settle for a posed smile sometimes, but only the ones that truly show your glowing happiness in the moment are the ones I strive for.

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